Currach (Coracle) building in Meath

We had a fantastic day learning skills from the Boyne Valley Currach centre. It’s great to see Irish traditional craft from hundreds of years ago, living on in those from the area where they were used. These skills should be celebrated as our heritage and not forgotten. I have such respect for people who walk the walk when it comes to traditional craft and admire their dedication.

Stitching leather onto the boat

Craftsmen like Claidhbh Ó Gibne are one of the last remaining keepers of this heritage craft. The currach which some of us would associate more with a coracle in shape was used for fishing, transport of goods and trade all along the length of the Boyne and Beyond. The stability of the craft and their strength were very surprising

Carving the paddle blades
Drilling holes for stitches

The (almost) finished products. Some of the stitching would be replaced later. As you can see it’s just hemp rope at the moment

Paddling the finished product