May 2022

The club is back functioning as normal after the pandemic. However a lot of the club administrators have hit the post-Covid bounce in terms of their work lives and the club administration as taken somewhat of a back seat. Apologies as we have had a lot of unanswered communications over the past 18 months which we’re trying to get a handle on.

October 2020

The club has shifted into a form of holding pattern in terms of our gatherings. In order to adjust to life with Covid19, we’ve decided to hold smaller regional meetups in counties where members have opportunities for gatherings. We’re going to hold off accepting new members until 2021. Hold firm folks, we’ll get through this.

August 2020

Our facebook page has been archived for now and we’ve relaunched our website. The decision was taken after a problem on the page which made us realise that we don’t populate it that much. Therefore we’ll be reverting back to posts on the website

August 2018

The club would like to thank the administrators of the Living to Learn Facebook group for organising a great weekend of Bushcraft in Larch Hill. It was great to see vendors such as Mora in attendance and have a talk from Dave Canterbury. Well done to all involved

May 2018

The club celebrates 10 years in existence! We have been a Mountaineering Ireland club for 10 years and continue to grow and learn more about bushcraft still after all this time. Thanks to Mountaineering Ireland for supporting us on this journey and those involved in founding the club.

November 2016 – New online community

A new group called ‘Living to Learn’ has started all about bushcraft skills. The have an online presence on Facebook which you can find here. Best of luck to the lads and we hope it goes from strength to strength

January 2015 – New Bushcraft Club on the East coast!

We are pleased to announce a new Bushcraft Club has been formed on the East Coast (Louth area). Hibernia Bushcraft Club. As our own club is at capacity we are hoping that this new club will be taking new members on board. To link up with this new club, join our Facebook group and drop them a line. At present they are currently look for land access.

November 2014 – Mountaineering Ireland

The club had a visit from a representative of Mountaineering Ireland during one of our camps where the future of bushcraft within MI was discussed. It was a good to have them out to see what it is we do in woods and we hope to have more interaction with them in future. Visit them at

Club training other voluntary organisations – July 2014

In the interest of encouraging Bushcraft skills in Ireland the club is hoping to help other voluntary organisations run bushcraft events this year. Similar to last year, the club will be assisting the Native Woodland Trust run a foraging walk in September and the club is also hoping to run a free skills weekend for Scout Leaders. These events will be free to members of their respective organisations. If you are involved with either organisation and are looking for information, please contact us in the club or contact your own organisation for details

March 2014 – Club has reached capacity

At present our club is at capacity. Therefore we wont be accepting new members for the moment. Please don’t let this discourage you from contacting us if you are interested in bushcraft. Also if you are looking for help setting up a Bushcraft club, we are more than happy to provide assistance. Drop us a mail for more details or check out the post here on

October 2013 – Website re-designed

Welcome to the new look website! We are hoping to re-add most of the old content and get some new additions over the coming weeks too

March 2013 – LBC

Introducing the new website for the Leinster Bushcraft Club.

If you are interested to practicing bushcraft, this club is seeking land permission in Carlow and will be taking new members. With our own club nearing capacity, we will be directing people towards alternative clubs in the near future. Alternatively, if you are looking to start a club, please drop us a mail and come chat to us!

February 2013 – Capacity

Unfortunately our little club is begining to approach its capacity and soon will not be taking on more members. The reason for this is simply to enable effective management of our limited resources and to ensure the enjoyment of current members. Our mailing list will still remain open. We are hoping to assist anyone who wants to start a club of similar ethos. So anyone who wants to start their own club, we are willing to provide guidance. Drop us a mail if this interests you.

January 2013 – Ireland has a new Bushcraft Club!

Congratulations to Aaron Murphy who has successfully set up another bushcraft club under Mountaineering Ireland. The new club; ‘Leinster Bushcraft Club’ will be based in Carlow pending land permission and already has 5 members. Watch this space for contact details

November 2012 – Winter on the way

With winter conditions varying from what we are used to in recent years, it would be prudent to do some preparation. We couldn’t find any official documentation relating to winter preparations for Ireland, so we decided to do up some guides of our own. However, in our research, we found that there was a website and document drawn up by the Department of defence, in particular the emergency planning section. It is actually pretty good and covers most of what we were hoping to cover. So instead of us re-writing something, we decided to provide the link. You can find it here

August 2012

The club has had several closed meet ups over the summer months in an effort for current club members to get some practice and learn new skills. Unfortunately some of these meets are not open to new comers as we really need to know the people we can take on them. Our next meet up which is open to new comers is scheduled for October as Septembers is also a closed meet. We’re sorry if had been hoping to meet up with us before the summer was out but we are also open to meeting people outside of bushcraft gatherings. Just drop us a mail!

July 2012

Are you interested in starting up a bushcraft club?

If you ever thought of setting up something similar, we are willing to help. From insurance to approaching land owners, we can guide you in setting up an organisation of like minded individuals who love bushcraft. Our club has been on the go for several years and have learned a thing or 2 about how to successfully run a small but focused group in the study of these skills. We want the practice of bushcraft to spread and encourage a wider community of those who practice it. Drop us a mail or come and meet us!

May 2012

The Clubs annual trip abroad was a great success. 11 members of the club visited Karlsborg and Orebro in Sweden. The club met with Blacksmith Julius Petterson who supplies knives for Ray Mears. We also met members of the Swedish Survival Guild to practice some skills and chat about Bushcraft in Sweden.

April 2012

Its Tick season so its important to be aware of the dangers of contracting Lyme disease.

Tick awareness in Ireland

January 27th 2012 – Club logo

After a long time in the making. The club logo is now complete. The logo will be made available to members of the club in the form of an embroidered crest in the coming weeks.

November 13th 2011 – New members policy

The club will now be making every second club outting available to new comers. Previously we operated on the basis that new members were welcome at every outting. This change was done to allow current members to focus more on their own personal development rather than demonstrating current skills to newer members. If you are interested in meeting up with us, please book early as spots for new comers are taken up quickly.

October 30th 2011

There has been a new appointment in the club. Donal Carroll will now be the clubs Training and Development Officer. Tony Mason remains the clubs President for the coming year.

Under his new role Donal will be tasked with progression of skills within the club and responsible for the new syllabus of training.

October 15th 2011

We have aquired a new site for practicing skills in Galway. Meaning that those interested in practicing bushcraft on the West coast, can better access club events. We are still looking for an area in Munster for a permenant location for skills practice