Does your club run commercial courses?

No, the club is not commercial. We run events for signed up members of the club. Members sign up to the club and are also members of Mountaineering Ireland. Although we have members who maybe involved in commercial operations outside of the club. The club itself does not run courses

There has been a few occasions I wanted to go on one of your outtings but there were no spaces left. Why is it so hard to get on them?

Our club is small and we have a restriction on the number of spots available for each gathering. We prefer to have a ratio of 1 to 4 when it comes to new people versus experienced members. The reason being is that we like to ensure a safe environment for people who are hoping to join. The gatherings for new people are on a first come first serve basis. So try get in quickly if possible and you should secure a spot. We have had a problem with new people cancelling on us for a variety of reasons. So we go with the next available person and that person is put to the back of the list. It seems harsh but with the ratios we maintain, people who cancel deny others a spot.

How often do you run events?

We meet up at least once a month. Most meets are open to current members only and are not openly advertised. We send out mails when we are running open events. Get on our mailing list to find out about open events

Are you guys ‘Preppers’/’Survivalists’?

No, our club has quite a different ethos to what could be called prepping or survivalism. Although we do believe in the idea of self-sufficiency, we are simply outdoor entusiasts who want to enhance our knowledge of the wilderness. We have nothing against preppers. It’s simply not what we do. We are similar to the Scouts. We’re out there for fun and education, nothing else.

What is your policy on alcohol?

We maintain a no alcohol policy in our club. When it comes to working with cutting tools, fire and general bushcraft skills. It would be dangerous and irresponsible to have people drinking whilst out on our events.

Does your club allow children?

Unfortunately not. Again our club is small. We have found over the years that having an adults only group has inspired members to be scout leaders or teach their own children these skills. Scouting Ireland is great place kids to get involved in backwoods skills. So there is already a place for their interest.

What about pets?

Many of our meets are in areas which are not suitable for pets. So our general policy is to ask people to leave pets at home

But Fluffy is a really good dog and has never…..

I’m sure your dog is great but our sites just aren’t suited to animals. Many of us are dog owners ourselves but when on club meets, we leave them at home.

What kind of lunatics go out to the woods with no drink, loads of knives & sleep under a plastic tarp?

Our members are quite normal actually. Well most of us are. We range from mechanics, IT professionals, carpenters, electricians, members of the Defence Forces, Barristers. We are just average people who love to go out into nature on the weekends.

I’m a commercial bushcraft business and looking for a link on your site, how do I go about getting on?

Simple, just ask. Drop us a mail and we will create a link for you. All that we ask in return is a link to us on your site. It’s good for both our sites SEO to have reciprocal links