Recent Events

Club meetings are arranged through email.

If you wish to attend a club meeting, please contact us via email. Our meetings are limited on size and we require people to contact us before showing up. It will be based on a first come first served basis. If you just wish to have a chat, no problem, just drop us a line

Upcoming meet ups 2018

September 2018:

Forging meeting up - open to club members

August 2018:

Living to Learn gathering in Larch Hill

August 2018:

Club members spend 4 days in the Hardangervidda region of Norway


July 2018:

Club meet up - Cavan

June 2018:

Club meet up - Cavan

May 2018:

Club celebrates it's 10 year Anniversary


April 2018:

Club meet up in - Cavan

March 2018:

Club members spend 5 days 140km north of the arctic circle in Sweden


February 2018:

Shake out weekend for upcoming cold weather trip

January 2018:

This weekend we focused on cordage making from natural and modern materials including net making and primitive rope manufacture