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Club meetings are arranged through email.

If you wish to attend a club meeting, please contact us via email. Our meetings are limited on size and we require people to contact us before showing up. It will be based on a first come first served basis. If you just wish to have a chat, no problem, just drop us a line

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Recent Club Events


January 14th/15th 2017 - Club meet up in Cavan

-December 17th/18th - Club Christmas meet up in Cavan


November 12th/13th - Meet up in Cavan


October 22nd/23rd - Meet up in Cavan


September 3rd/4th - Forging weekend in Galway


August 20th/21st - Meet up in Cavan


July 23rd/24th - Meet up in Limerick


June 25th/26th - members meetup Co. Cavan


May 7th/8th - member Canoe camping weekend


April 16th/17th - members meetup Co. Cavan


March 2016 - Club headed to Northern Sweden to practice its Winter Skills above the Arctic Circle


February 2016 - Open meet up for potential new comers


January 2016 - Club forging meet up


December - 19th/20th - Christmas meet up and last of 2015


November 28th/29 - Cavan


October 3rd/4th - Lough Dan Scout Centre where Outdoor Adventure Ireland had arranged an open meet up for people interested in Bushcraft. Thanks to Willie Whelan for that




September 26th/27th - Game prep weekend in Cavan


August 22nd/23rd



July 25th/26th


June 20th/21st - Trip on the Boyne in Coracles (Currachs)

May 16th & 17th


April 18th -23rd Club trip to Norway


March 21st/22nd - Club meet up in Cavan


February 21st/22nd - Club meet up in Cavan


January 24th/25th - Gathering in Galway


December 27th/28th - Last meet up of 2014!


November 22nd/23rd - Cold one as temperatures got down to -2/-3

October 11th/12th - Forging weekend for club members

September - 20th/21st - Club ran a free skills weekend for Scout Leaders from different troops in Laoise

September 7th/8th - Open Canoe course

August 23rd/24th - Container work and hand drill practice


July 19th/20th

June 21st/22nd


May 9th/10th/11th - Members only. Visit to a lake Island


April 12th13th - Co. Cavan

March 22nd/23rd -Co. Galway members only

February 22nd/23rd - Members only

January 11th/12th
- Winter Camp

Decemeber 15th/16th 
- Forging weekend

 November 16th/17th - Open to new comers


October 19th - 20th - Open to current members only


September 27th - 29th

Club traveled to Wales to meet the South Wales Bushcrafters


August 24th/25th


July 13th & 14th Canoe trip on the Barrow


June 22nd & 23rd - Open to new comers

May 25th & 26th - Canoe Building Weekend



April 27th & 28th - Hardship exercise


4 Lads. 3 bits of gear in total and 2.5 days in the mountains with no food