How to Join



**** At Present our club is now closed to new members. We have reached capacity. However you can still subscribe to our mailing list by sending us an email. We hope to encourage the foundation of other similar clubs around the country. Contact us if you are interested in starting a bushcraft club


How to Join


To join the club you must first come out and meet us at one of our events. We would like to meet and greet any potential member before they decide to join the club. This allows you to see what we are all about and if the club is indeed what you were looking for. It also allows us to meet you and find out what you are like. You dont need any expirience to join the club but we do ask you to respect our polices and rules.


Unfortunately we do not accept members under the age of 18. This is for the simple reason that there are organisations such as Scouting Ireland that facilitate people of this age. We would ask that if you intend to come and visit the club that you do so without the kids. There are sharp objects on site which could be hazardous to the curious.


Here are the basic steps to joining the club

1. Contact us through our mail address and tell us who you are. We will then add you to our mailing list.

2. Come and meet us by contacting us when one of our meet ups are on. It is important that you contact first as we can only have a limited number in an area at one time.

3. You need to agree to adhere to the clubs policies as best you can.

4. If you like what you see when you meet us you can join by paying €40 to the club to join. This covers your Mountaineering Council of Ireland members and a small club maintenance fee.

If you are interested in meeting us then contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Equipment needs


One of the first questions we are asked by people before they come to our meets is 'What equipment do I need to bring?'. Well the answer is a simple one. You dont need a huge amount. Simple camping equipment is fine. There is no point running off to buy gear for an activity you havent done before. Our advice, is to come out and see what we use, see if its for you. The very basic equipment needs for a weekend are


1. Something to sleep in - Tent, Hammock, tarp etc

2. Sleeping bag - suitable to the conditions and time of year

3. Rain gear - Its Ireland. Enough said

4. Water/Food - Suitable for cooking in a stove or over a small camp fire

5. First aid kit - Everyone is encouraged to bring a small personal first aid kit

6. Decent footwear - Boots or similar to prevent ankle injury.


You may of course bring more equipment to make yourself more comfortable or if you have something you wish to practice. The six items above are the most basic items for the weekend. If you are unsure about any particular item, drop us a mail and we will respond when we get a chance. We would ask that new comers refrain from bringing any other cutting tool besides a knife for their first outting. Items such as Axe's, saw's and other cutting tools are used but are not necessary for your first visit.


What to expect at one of our outtings


The club is a relaxed environment. We practice skills as individuals and as a group. When you arrive, you will find people in the process of various activities. Whether this is carving a spoon, making a shelter, practicing fire. We love to have people ask questions, show enthusiasm and get stuck in. There is no set syllabus for people to follow. We often discuss a topic which we wish to practice before a particular weekend. No one is oblidged to get involved in any particular activity but we like to see people active. Come out, enjoy being out there and have fun.